The new clipper ship Wild Pigeon, Capt. Putnam, which sailed from New York, Oct. 14, made the shortest passage to San Francisco (102 days) of any vessel which sailed in October, having beaten the Comet, Trade Wind and Golden Gate, all magnificent New York clippers, the least of which is 500 tons larger than her. She sailed in company with the Golden Gate, and ten to one were staked in New York in favor of the latter, yet the Wild Pigeon never had wind enough during the passage to obtain her highest rate of speed.

The most she made in twenty-four hours was three hundred miles, close hauled, carrying skysails. She had skysails set seventy-five days, and during twenty consecutive days carried royal staysails and skysails, without lowering one of them. Off Cape Horn she encountered a heavy gale, but carried sail, and she was not hove to during the passage.

Captain Putnam writes that under every circumstance she proved to be a perfect vessel, so much so that he could not suggest an improvement in her. She was built at Portsmouth, N.H., by Mr. George Raynes, and is owned by Messrs. Oliphant & Son, of New York.

Boston Daily Atlas, March 3, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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