THE CLIPPER SHIP STAFFORDSHIRE, Capt. Brown, which sailed from Liverpool 11th ult. arrived below this port on Tuesday evening, and anchored. Of course, the queen clipper of the Atlantic is in ahead of the fleet which sailed in company with her. She has 256 passengers, and a large and valuable cargo, including between 200 and 400 packages of Canadian goods. This Canadian trade, we are glad to see, is on the increase; almost every Liverpool ship brings more or less freight for the Canadas. The Plymouth Rock, also of Train & Co's line, due in about a fortnight, we understand, has about 250 packages of goods, and three hundred chests of tea, mostly consigned to Hill, Sears & Co., of this city. This is the first importation of tea for the Canadas, via Boston.

Boston Daily Atlas, March 11, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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