THE NEW BARQUE OLD HICKORY. — This vessel was built at East Boston, by Mr. Daniel D. Kelly, and is also owned by him. She is 123 feet long on the keel, 135 feet on deck, has 27 feet 10 inches breadth of beam, 19 feet depth of hold, including 6 feet 2 inches height of between decks, and registers 431 tons. Her frame and wales are of seasoned white oak, and she is strongly fastened, and sheathed with copper up to 12 feet draught. She has a small topgallant forecastle, a house abaft the foremast, which contains a large store room and the galley; and her cabin is under a half poop deck, with a house in front. The house contains the pantry and a state-room for the steward, and also forms an ante-room to the cabin below. the latter is large for the size of the vessel, and contains six state-rooms, and other apartments. It is set off into gothic panels, edged with gold, having papier maché cornices, and other ornamented work, displayed upon a pure white ground, almost rivalling enamelling in smoothness. Its windows are of stained glass, and the furniture is neat and beautiful. facing the transom, in a gilded frame, is the well known motto of the hero of New Orleans -- "The Union, it must be preserved." The accommodations for her crew are below, forward, and are well arranged for comfort and safety. She is of a medium clipper model, having 15 inches dead rise at half floor, 22 inches swell or rounding of sides, 26 inches sheer, with clean ends, and a bold, well formed broadside. Her head and stern are tastefully ornamented with gilded carved work, and the hull is painted black. She is barque rigged -- has good spread of yards, but rather low masts, still she looks well aloft and is very neatly rigged. As a whole, she is as good a vessel of her size, as need to be built, and in model looks well and will sail fast. Capt. Stephen Haskell, an excellent sailor, commands her; she is now laden and will sail for Rio Janeiro in a few

The Boston Daily Atlas, May 6, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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