The New Clipper Ship Golden Fleece,

now loading in Glidden & Williams' line of San Francisco packets, is a noble vessel of over 1000 tons. She is 172 feet long, 35 wide, and 24 deep; has 16 inches dead rise at half floor, 6 inches swell, and about 2 feet sheer. Her stem is nearly upright, her stern square in outline, but curved between the quarter timbers, and between the arch-board and the taffrail. In the form of her ends she is of the medium model, and, broadside on, looks well, and is finely finished. Her head and stern are beautifully ornamented with gilded carved work, finished in Mason's best style. She is sheathed with yellow metal, and painted black above. All her accommodations are on the upper deck, leaving the hold clear for the stowage of her cargo. She is built of oak, and copper fastened, and is well seasoned and ventilated. The details of her fastening and construction are equal in strength and substance to the best ships of her class. She was built at East Boston, by Mr. Paul Curtis, is owned by Messrs. Wm. F. Weld & Co., and is commanded by Capt. Leander Freeman. Shippers and passengers will find her an excellent vessel, well adapted for speed and comfort. Messrs. Glidden & Williams advertise her to sail on the 16th inst., and we need not inform the public that she will be ready on or before that day, for the punctuality of her loaders has passed into a proverb.

The Boston Daily Atlas, August 4, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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