BRIG DUDLEY, OF BOSTON. — Frequently, during the past year, we have published accounts of the death and wretchedness inflicted upon passengers, by swindling speculators at Panama, who have sent them on board of vessels not half provisioned, for the passage to San Francisco, and of such vessels having to put into Acapulco and other ports, and leaving the unfortunate passengers to shift for themselves. It is gratifying, therefore, to be able to record an exception to such an infamous system. The brig Dudley, Capt. Yates, carried one hundred and twenty-one passengers from Panama to San Francisco; and upon her arrival the passengers published a card in the papers. expressing their gratitude to Capt. Yates, his officers and crew, for the uniform kindness they experienced from them during a long and tedious passage. They state that the vessel was most amply found in everything to insure their health and comfort, and at parting, warmly recommended her and the captain to those who might wish to employ the. The Dudley is owned by Mr. Sam'l W. Hall and Mr. Adams, both of this city.

The Boston Daily Atlas, August 5, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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