THE TROPIC BIRD is the name of the new clipper ship, now in the course of construction by Mr. McKay, and owned by George B. Upton, Esq., of this city. She is 215 feet long, 41 wide, and 23 deep, and is very sharp in the ends, but has slightly convex lines, a round stern, and a long floor. She will have a flush deck, with nothing on it but her boats and galley. The cabin, the quarters for the crew, and all the store rooms will be below. When completed, it is expected that she will be the most perfect ship of her size ever built. Capt. Caldwell, well known as one of the most successful of Train & Co.'s packet captains, will command her.

The Boston Daily Atlas, September 7, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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