SHIP STAFFORDSHIRE. — Several telegraphic despatches were received here yesterday from different sources, all confirming the safe arrival of this noble ship at San Francisco, but the precise date of her arrival has not yet transpired. The Post calculates that she arrived Aug. 13th, the Advertiser on the 11th, the Traveller on the 11th and 12th, and a New York paper on the 10th; but in advance of all, and therefore, the more valuable, our correspondent "Seer" stated in the Atlas of 25th ult, on the authority of the spirit of Capt. Sturgis, that she arrived on the 9th of August. The captain having been an old salt, no doubt, like his brethren of the sea, considered her passage ended when she hove to, to take a pilot. A few days will settle this point, and perhaps vindicate his truth. At all events, his statement cannot be much more out of the way, than some of the reports made by telegraph. The main fact, the safe arrival of the ship, provided the telegraph reports are true, he certainly stated in advance of all others. This is a great age, and we are surely a favored people; let us, therefore, gratefully appreciate every new discovery which may enable us to make more money.

The Boston Daily Atlas, September 7, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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