Correspondence of the Atlas.


NEWBURYPORT, Sept. 11, 1852

At an early hour this morning, Messrs. Currier & Townsend launched from their yard, in beautiful style, the fine ship Russell Sturgis, named for your former townsman, the present prominent American partner in the house of Baring Brothers & Co., London.

The Russell Sturgis, all things considered, is one of the finest ships ever built at this place, and the reputation of her builders cannot suffer in consigning to the world such example of American product. She is over 100 tons burthen, perfect in all the requisites of a first class freighting ship, neither a clipper nor a full ship, but midway between the two, uniting the quality of a good carrier, with that of a fast sailer. She is owned, we learn, by Messrs. Edward D. Peters & Co. of your city, Joseph R. Folsom and others, of Bucksport, Me., and Capt. Jabez Snow, well known as one of the best and oldest ship masters in the merchant service, who commands her. She will be rigged and fitted here, and then proceed it is said to New Orleans, to go into the Liverpool trade. Success to the good ship Russell Sturgis, owners and builders.

Messrs. Currier & Townsend, will commence at once a clipper ship of 1200 tons, for David Ogden, Esq., of New York, intended for the California business; it gives us pleasure to record the increasing prosperity of these worthy and enterprising builders, and we trust their talents and skill will yet be more widely known and appreciated.


O.P. & Q.

The Boston Daily Atlas, September 15, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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