THE "FLYING CHILDERS" is the name of a beautiful new clipper ship of 1200 tons, now in the course of construction by Mr. Samuel Hall, at east Boston. She will have Forbes's rig, the fore and main topmast fidded abaft the heads of the lower masts, and the mizzen topmast before. Her upper deck will be flush, without houses, her bulwarks low, and her model for beauty and speed will rank among the foremost of her class. It seems strange to those, who comprehend the superiority of Forbes's rig, over that now in general use, that the owners of large clippers do not adopt it. With it a ship is always manageable, and upon an emergency can be sailed with half the number of hands absolutely necessary to work one with the old rig. Mr. McKay, whose reputation as a mechanic stands high, has frequently stated that he considers Forbes's rig the very best he has ever seen, and that every ship over 500 tons ought to have it. He intended to have applied it to the "Sovereign of the Seas," but some of his business friends were afraid it might affect her sale, and in deference to their advice, he rigged her against his convictions. The "Flying Childers" is owned by J.M. Forbes, Esq., and is intended for the California and China trade. She is named after the celebrated race-horse, said to have run a mile in a minute.
The Boston Daily Atlas, September 24, 1852.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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