The clipper barque Wildfire.

The clipper barque Wildfire, Capt. Mosman, which sailed from this port May 13, arrived at Malta June 8. She passed Gibraltar when 14 days out; but afterwards encountered a severe Levanter, and had to beat every inch of the way from the Rock to Malta. A letter from her captain says that she is not only an excellent sea boat, but the swiftest vessel he ever saw. Her best day's work, was 306 geographical miles, the wind at times rather light and variable; but with a good whole sail breeze, she can ball off 15 knots with ease. her captain asserts boldly that no vessel in the Mediterranean trade can begin to approach her in speed, and we know from personal inspection that she is well built and beautiful.

The Boston Daily Atlas, Saturday, July 9, 1853.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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