The packet ship Staffordshire.

The packet ship Staffordshire, Capt. Richardson, sailed from St. John, N.B. on the 15 ult. (not on the 4th, as stated yesterday), and arrived at Liverpool on the 29th, having made the passage in less than fourteen days. She will sail for Boston on the 20th inst.

The Sovereign of the Seas was spoken on the 2d inst., at 7h. 40m., P.M. (and not at 9h. 40m., as reported by the telegraph), and consequently, was only two hours and ten minutes steaming distance from Liverpool, as the Arabia, which spoke her, left at 5h. 30m., P.M., on the 2d. The Vanguard and Middlesex, which left New York 11 days before the Sovereign of the Seas, would arrive at Liverpool about the same day. The steamer Washington, which sailed from New York the same day, had only arrived one day before her. This is good work at this season of the year.

The Boston Daily Atlas, Saturday, July 16, 1853.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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