The Clipper Ship Sovereign of the Seas.

The clipper ship Sovereign of the Seas, Capt. McKay, at Liverpool, is advertised in the Liverpool papers, for Melbourne. The advertisement says, "Freight, 7 per ton to the wharf, and return 50s per ton if she does not make a faster passage than any steamer on the berth here, or in London. Freight without warranty, according to agreement."

This is loud talking, when it is borne in mind that the celebrated steamer Great Britain is up for the same port, and has been recently refitted to render her equal ro a clipper under canvass alone, and that she advertises to return 40s per ton of freight, if her passage exceed 65 days. Still, we think, notwithstanding all her advantages, the Sovereign of the Seas will bet her handsomely.

The Boston Daily Atlas, Saturday, August 6, 1853.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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