The New Clipper Ship Cyclone, of Boston.

This beautiful ship was built at South Boston by the Messrs. Briggs, and is of the same model as the celebrated clipper Northern Light. She is of 1100 tons, is 183 feet long on deck, has 36 feet breadth of beam, 22½ feet depth, including 7½ feet height of between decks, 26 inches dead-rise, 6 inches swell, and 3 feet sheer. Her lines are slightly convex, and her ends, without being cut up, are very fine, and beautiful turned. Broadside on, no vessel appears to better advantage, for her sheer is so true, and her planking so regular, that the eye wanders over it in vain to detect a blemish. That she will sail very fast is evident from the speed by her model in the Northern Light; and that she is well built, of good materials, any one can easily see by inspecting her. Her accommodations forward and aft are spacious and well fitted, and the ship is amply supplied in her outfits. Her frame is of white oak, and she is strongly copper fastened, and finished in the best style. Her fore and main masts are built, and are each 31 inches in diameter; the mizzen mast is of a single spar. The main mast and main yard are each 80 feet long, and the other spars in proportion; she is well rigged, and looks beautifully aloft. She is as good and beautiful a ship of her size as can be produced anywhere, and is as well fitted out as any ship in port.

She is owned by Messrs. Curtis & Peabody, is intended for the California and China trade, and is now lying at Long wharf, loading in Timothy Davis & Co's. line of San Francisco clippers.

Boston Daily Atlas, October 12, 1853.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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