The Staffordshire.

The following is an extract from a letter relative to the loss of the ship Staffordshire, received in this city dated Halifax, Jan. 4:

"The schooner Expert, Captain Day, picked up fourteen of the Staffordshire's crew, in a boat; landed eleven at Shelbourne and brought three to Halifax; the steward is one of them.

Captain Richardson was seriously injured a day or two before the accident, and was obliged to keep his bed.

There was one boat capable of holding at least a hundred persons, in which only a few of the crew escaped. The smallest boat saved fourteen."

Messrs. Train & Co. have received the following despatch from R.W. Frazer, U.S. Consul, dated Halifax, Jan. 6:

"Among the saved are Messrs. Alden, Leet, Morgan and Stephenson, mates of the ship, and Cobb, Witherton and Rice, boys; the two cooks and the two stewards. The names of the seamen saved are not given. Six passengers, five males and one female, are among the saved, who number in all forty-five persons, and were hourly expected to arrive at Halifax. Mr Alden, the chief mate, will leave Halifax tomorrow morning for Boston."

Boston Daily Atlas, Monday January 9, 1854.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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