The New Clipper Ship Lightning, Captain Forbes, now at anchor in the stream, will sail this day for Liverpool, provided she can obtain a crew. She has been in the stream two days, and during that time, we have heard many people praise her for her beauty. Although over 2000 tons, so perfectly is she proportioned, that she does not appear more than half that size. A ship of about 800 tons, with painted ports, at anchor near her, looks nearly as large. deep as she is, when we consider the sharpness of her ends, her stability, the excellence of her spars, and the well-tried skill and daring of her commander, we expect at least, that she will be the first vessel under canvass to arrive at Liverpool, of all which sail about the same time. We understand that Capt. L. McKay, formerly of the Great Republic, will be a passenger in her. He has had an offer from a foreign house to rebuild his ship as a steam frigate, and is going to complete the necessary arrangements. We wish him a pleasant and successful trip.

Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, February 18.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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