The Clipper Barque Wm. T. Sayward, Capt. Sayward, now loading in Glidden & Williams line of California clippers, is a fine vessel of 460 tons, designed expressly to run as a packet between San Francisco and Puget Sound. She has sharp ends and a long, flat floor, so that, when laden, she will not draw more that 10 feet water, and, consequently will have no difficulty in crossing the bars of the Columbia. All her accommodations are on deck. Her cabins are under a full poop, and are admirably designed for the accommodation of passengers; and the quarters for her crew are also spacious and comfortable. The vessel herself is of a fine model for sailing, and is well built and liberally fitted out. Her captain is a man of good business attainments, is an excellent sailor, has seen much of the world, and will no doubt soon make his vessel the favorite packet between San Francisco and the North.
Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, March 16.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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