The Clipper Ship Lightning.

The N.Y. Commercial Advertiser makes the passage of the Lightning, from this port to Liverpool, "12 days 18 hours actual time." This is a mistake. She passed Boston Light about 3 P.M., on the 18th ult., and probably passed the Bell Buoy, off Liverpool, on the 4th inst., about 3 ½ P.M., as she was spoken 10 miles West of it at 2 ¾ P.M., with a steam tug alongside. This will make her actual time about 13 days 20 hours; and this, we say with the Commercial Advertiser, "is the shortest passage yet made by a sailing vessel," from this continet to Liverpool.

The passage of the clipper ship Red Jacket from New York, was over 15 days. She sailed from New York on the afternoon of Jan. 9, and arrived off the Bell Buoy on the evening of the 24th. We do not know the precise hour when she left or arrived, but we have seen the report of the New York pilot, who carried her to sea, and know by the Liverpool papers that she arrived on the 24th. The report, therefore, that she made the passage in 13 days, was a mistake.

Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, Thursday March 23.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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