The Clipper Ship Red Jacket. -- A communication in the Journal of last evening, states that this ship arrived off the Bell Buoy on the 22d of January and not on the 24th, as stated in the Atlas, but does not give any authority for this new date, now for the first time brought to light. Our authority for stating that she arrived on the 24th., are the Liverpool papers, the London Shipping Gazette and Lloyd's List, and upon the same authority she was reported as arrived on the 24th, in the Daily Advertiser, Courier, Post, and even in the Journal, and in all the New York commercial papers; and though more than a month has elapsed since she was first reported in all these papers, this is the first time we have seen it stated that she arrived on the 22d. In looking over the Liverpool papers, we see vessels reported below on the 22d and 23d, but the Red Jacket is not of the number. That she lay two days off the Bell Buoy without being reported, is too absurd for belief. Besides, the paper of the 25th., which reported her arrival, made no allusion to the Bell Buoy whatever. The remark of the writer in the Journal about the reiterated misstatements of the Atlas," shows that he does not read the shipnews understandingly. We repeat, that the Atlas has stated nothing about the date of this ship's arrival, that has not been stated by every shipnews paper in the country. When any ship makes an extraordinary passage, we take pleasure in stating the facts as near as we can obtain them, as matter for future reference and comparison.

In the telegraph news by the Pacific, in another column, it was reported that the clipper ship Lightning, which sailed from this port at 3 P.M., on the 18th ult., arrived at Liverpool on the evening of the 4th inst., having made the passage in about 13 days. Now, we know better, and therefore, altered the number of days to 14, because this number is nearer the truth. But, for this correction, we do not expect to be lectured or misrepresented by an anonymous writer, who can produce no authority but his own ignorant self-conduct.

Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, March 24.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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