The New Ship Barreda Brothers, of Boston.

This is a fine, full modelled ship, designed to stow a large cargo, and has fair ends and a long floor for sailing. She is 165 feet long, has 31½ feet breadth of beam, 21 feet depth of hold, and registers 750 tons. Her bow is slightly inclined forward, has rounded lines and is ornamented with a full figure of Samson, with a jaw-bone in his right hand; and her stern, which is light and neatly rounded, is ornamented with an arch of gilded carved work. She has an easy and regular sheer, and looks quite neatly viewed broadside on. Her bottom is sheathed with yellow metal, and above there she is painted black, in regular clipper livery. She has an open topgallant forecastle, a large house abaft the foremast for her crew, galley, &c., and aft she has a half-poop deck, with a house in front, which contains her cabin. The cabin has a small ante-room forward, and an entrance aft which leads to the poop. It is plain white, set off with gilded mouldings, has state-rooms on both sides, and is tastefully furnished.

The ship herself is built of oak, copper fastened, and is square bolted throughout, and well finished. She has heavy bilge keelsons 14 inches square, and her ceiling and planking vary from 7 to 5 inches in thickness. She has fine between-decks, which are strongly supported with hanging and lodging knees, massive thick work, and long breast hooks. In a word, she is a very strongly built vessel; has ventilators along her planksheer and in her bitts, and Emerson's ventilators forward and aft.

Her lower masts are 68½, 71½, and 64 feet long, and the yards upon the fore and main masts are alike, viz: 62, 48, 34, and 24, and upon the mizzen mast, 48, 34, 24; and 14 feet square. She is well rigged and looks finely aloft.

She is owned by Messrs. Sampson & Tappan, is named in compliment to an eminent firm in Baltimore, and was built by Mr. Hugh McKay, brother of the famous Donald. There are seven brothers McKay, and all of them are ship-builders. Mr. Hugh, we understand, has on the stocks another ship for Messrs. Sampson & Tappan, which will be launched in two or three months. The Barreda brothers is intended for the South American trade, and will sail for Callao in a few days.

Boston Daily Atlas, 1854, July 7.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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