The New Packet Barque Moneynick, of Charleston, S.C.

This vessel is the same register, 360 tons, as the Bounding Billow, but is of a fuller model, designed to stow a larger cargo, and has a full poop deck, extending to the mainmast. She is of the same model as the barque Lamplighter, and has been built and equipped in the same style. Designed expressly for a Boston and Charleston packet, she has great buoyancy, and fine ends for sailing. She has been named after a place in Ireland, where the forefathers of Jas. Adger, of Charleston, one of her owners, lived "long time ago." Messrs. Mitchell & Rice, of Chelsea, built her; she is commanded by Capt. Ephraim Smith, and will run in Lombard & Co.'s line of Charleston packets. She is really a beautiful vessel, and well worth inspecting.
September 29, 1854.
The Boston Daily Atlas, September 29, 1854.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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