The Ship Staffordshire.

Mr. Alden, the chief mate of this ill-fated ship arrived here yesterday, and made a statement of the loss, which is substantially the same as the accounts already published. When the mate informed Capt. Richardson that the ship would sink in a few minutes, he replied, "Then, if I am lost, God's will be done." These are the last words any one now alive heard him utter. Mr. Alden gives the following as those saved, so far as he knows: In Life Boat -- mate, Joseph B. Alden; 2d do., A.T. Leet; boy, John Cobbs; cook named Kelley; one passenger, O'Brien; and nine others. In Quarter Boat -- 4th mate; Mr. Stephenson; boy, Stephen G. Withington; woman passenger, Jane ---; and seven others. In Life Boat -- nine sailors. In Jolly Boat -- 3d mate, Mr. Morgan; sailor, Daniel O'Niel; and twelve others.

Boston Semi-Weekly Atlas, Wednesday, January 18, 1854.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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