The Sea-Man's Vade Mecum, 1707.

The Duty of the Clerk, Pilot, Mate, Surgeon and Sea-men of a Ship, according to the Custom of France.

The Duty of the Mate.

The Mate shall take care of the fitting out of the Vessel, and before they put to Sea, shall examine whether it be sufficiently provided with Ropes, Pulleys, Sails, and all other Rigging necessary for the Voyage.

2. At the Departure he shall see the Anchor hoisted; and during the Voyage he shall visit once a day all the Tackle, high and low, and if he observes any thing amiss, he shall acquaint the Master.

3. He shall execute in the Vessel, and cause to be executed Day and Night, the Orders of the Master.

4. Arriving at a Port, he shall cause the Cables and Anchors to be repaired, and shall have the Care of the Management of the Sails, Yards and Mooring of the Ship.

5. In case of the Absence or Sickness of the Master, the Mate shall command in his place.

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Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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