A.J. Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship, 1824.

[page 161]

Catharpen Legs.

I do not think, that sufficient attention is paid to the cutting out catharpen legs. It appears to me of some consequence. They ought to be just so long as merely to girt the rigging, that is, barely to draw it in. If they are longer, they are of no use, if shorter, they do harm; because the rigging being brought in, out of its direct line to the dead eyes, when the ship is rolling, and the lee rigging gives, the weather shrouds give also in a certain degree, in regaining that straight line.
Anslem John Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship; with Practical Hints on Naval Oeconomy, &c &c.
J.J. Hadley, Cheltenham, 1824 (1st). -8vo, 15.5x8.5 cm, xii, 290 pp.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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