HEAVING TOO to pick up a MAN.

If you are going free, and particularly if fast through the water, bring the ship too with the head yards aback. It will be obvious, if you leave the main yard square, she will be longer coming too, will shoot farther, increase the distance from the man, and add materially to the delay of succour. It will, however, require judgment especially if blowing fresh, to be careful and right the helm in time, or she will fly too, too much, gain stern way, and risk the boat in lowering.

Why not have a station bill for the occasion, which is one of confusion, because every person's feelings are excited.

Anslem John Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship; with Practical Hints on Naval Oeconomy, &c &c.
J.J. Hadley, Cheltenham, 1824 (1st). p 186.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius

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