A.J. Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship, 1824.

[page 219]

Painting Ship.

Previous to painting, it will be a good thing to mix lime in the softest water you can get, and letting it stand till quite clear, wash the paint well with it. It will take off not only the dirt but grease. Let all dirt, such as pitch, tar, &c. be scraped off with a knife, or a scraper if requisite before you begin. However carefully you may take off spots which have been idly left, as you come to them while painting; these scrapings will be liable to blow on such parts as are already done, or they will probably be painted over, and the paint will never stick properly thereon.
Anslem John Griffiths: Observations on Some Points of Seamanship; with Practical Hints on Naval Oeconomy, &c &c.
J.J. Hadley, Cheltenham, 1824 (1st). -8vo, 15.5x8.5 cm, xii, 290 pp.

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