The Nature of the Sail-Maker's CONTRACT, as Custom.

FIrst to find at his own proper Cost and Charge, all Bolt-Rope Lines, Twine and other Materials necessary for the Work, excepting Canvas. Secondly, that all the Sails, which are made of Hollands Duck, Great Noyles, Suffolk, and other Canvas of the like Quality, shall be sewed with a double flat Seam.

And such Sails as are made of Pertrees, Vittroy, small Noyles, Ipswich, and other such small Canvas, shall be sewed with a round Seam, and worked with the best English Twine, and also that the Number of Stitches following shall be in every Yard of Work, viz,

In double Ipswich, or great Noyles Courses 108 Stitches in every Yard of Work, and not under.
Duck, Noyles and Suffolk Courses, Topsails, Sprit-sails and Mizons In Duck 100
In Suffolk & Noils 90
Vittroy, Pertrees or small Noiles wrought into any sort of small Sails, and sewed with a single round Seam 90

All the Bolt Ropes to be cross stitch'd at every 12 Inches in Length with 3 cross Stitches, and the said Rope to be of the Dimensions or Size as follows in the Table, viz.

Names of the Sails. First Rate Second Rate Third Rate Fourth Rate Fifth Rate Sixth Rate
Inch. Inch. Inch. Inch. Inch. Inch.
Main Courses 6 5 4
Fore 5 3
Main Topsails 5 4
Mizon Courses 5 4
Main Stay-sail 3 3

Thirdly, the Bolt-Ropes for all other Sails which are not herein mentioned, shall be of the Sizes fitting and sufficient for the same.

Fourthly, two Reeves to be made in every Top-sail from the First Rate downwards, and one Reeve in every Course for Ships of the fourth and fifth Rates, and two in the Courses for the sixth Rates, with one Bonnet for each if required.

Fiftly, that all Sails which shall be made of Pertrees and Vittroy, and such like Canvas, shalt have a round Seam in the middle of each Cloth. Likewise to make Reeves in the third Rate Courses, is required; as also to make Marlin Holes in all the Sails, if Occasion require, for the Rope to be sewed. To worm all Clews, and also to make all Holes, and stick in all Crinkles, and every Conveniency that is reasonably required.

He is to be allowed for measuring Canvas into his Majesty's Stores, from the Merchant, 2 s. 6 d. per Day, and to be allowed for flat seam'd Sails 3d. ¼ per Yard for Sewing, and for every Yard of round Seam, he is to be allowed 2 d ¾ per Yard.

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