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A.D. 1832, December 17. — Nș 6347.

MUNTZ, George Frederick. — "An improved manufacture of bolts and other the like ships' fastenings." The invention consists in making such fastenings of "an alloy of zinc and copper, in such proportions and of such qualities as while it enables the manufacturer to roll and work the said compound metal into bolts and other the like ships' fastenings at a red heat, and thus makes" such "fastenings less difficult to work, and consequently cheaper to manufacture, renders" them also "less liable to oxydation, and consequently more durable than the ordinary bolts and other the like ships' fastenings now in use." "I take that quality of copper known in the trade by the appellation of 'best selected copper,' and that quality of zinc known in England as 'foreign zinc,' and melt them together in the usual manner in any proportions between fifty per cent. of copper to fifty per cent. of zinc, and sixty-three per cent. of copper to thirty-seven per cent. of zinc. both of which extremes and all intermediate proportions will roll and work at a red heat," but "I prefer the allow to consist of about sixty per cent. of copper to forty per cent. of zinc."

[Printed, 3d. No Drawings. See Repertory of Arts, vol. 16 (third series), p. 12; and London Journal (Newton's), vol. 3 (conjoined series), p. 83.]

Patents for Inventions. Abridgments of the Specifications Relating to Ship Building, Repairing, Sheathing, Launcing, &c.
Patent Office, London, 1862.

Transcribed by Lars Bruzelius.

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