Ann McKim

A clipper ship built in 1833 at the shipyard of Kennard & Williamson, Baltimore. Dimensions: 143'×27'6"×14' and 494 tons.

Launched and delivered to Isaac McKim, Baltimore. The ship was named after the owners wife.
Sold to Howland & Aspinwall, New York, at the death of Isaac McKim.
Sailed from New York to Anjer in 79 days.
Sailed back to New York from Anjer in 96 days.
Sold to Chile.
1849 January 20
Arrived to San Francisco from Valparaiso, via Guayaquil, after 51 days at sea.
Sailed from San Francisco to Valparaiso in 47 days.
1851 September
Left the United States under Captain Van Pelt for the last time.
Broken up at Valparaiso.

Ann McKim, which was built on the enlarged lines of a Baltimore clipper, has often been called the first "true clipper" an honor she shares with Rainbow and Scottish Maid.

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