Coeur de Lion

A clipper ship built in 1854 by George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, USA. Dimensions 182'×36'×22' and tonnage 1098 tons. Swedish measurement was 889 tons.
1854 January 3
Launched at the shipyard of George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, for George W. Tucker in the same city.
1854 February 5
Left Boston for San Francisco where she arrived after 133 days.
1855 April 4 - August 2
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 121 days.
1856 December 8
Arrived at Calcutta with British troops from Hong Kong after 26 days.
Sold the Russian-American Fur Company and was renamed the Zaritza.
1871 January 9
Bought by C.A. Svahn, Kungsbacka, Sweden, from Hans Smith & Fedor Parlour, Kronstadt, and Fedor Tschetschuvin, Helsingfors, for £ 2250.
B.L. Hammarberg, Kungsbacka, Sweden, became the managing owner.
Sold to Peter Leffler, Gothenburg.
Sold to Johan Frans Skantze, Kungsbacka.
1900 March
Sold to Sigrid Björkegren & Co., Simrishamn, Sweden, and was re-rigged as a barque.
Registered as owned by the Rederi AB Zaritza (L.J. Björkegren & Co.), Simrishamn, Sweden,
Sailed from Söderhamn to London with a cargo of deals.
1915 May
Sold to Ernst Beckman, Kivik, for SEK 19.500.
1915 September 1
Sank after a collision in the Baltic with SS Rossmer, Lidköping.


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