An extreme clipper ship built in 1851 by Isaac C. Smith, Hoboken, NJ, USA. Her dimensions were 215'0"×40'0"×22'0" and tonnage 1608 tons [OM]. The dead-rise at half-breadth was 41 inches.

Equipped with Cunningham's roller-reefing topsails and a moon-sail on the main mast. The name of the ship was painted across the lower part of the fore-topsail.

A gilded eagle carrying a ribbon with the ship's name decorated her stern.

Launched at the shipyard of Isaac C. Smith, Hoboken, NJ, for C.W. & H. Thomas, New York. Her first master was Captain Samuel Very, Jr.
1851 December 17
Sailed from New York for San Francisco.
1852 January 2
The fore and main topmasts and mizzen topgallant mast were carried away in a squall when in 16°N.
1852 January 28
Put into Rio de Janeiro for repairs after having crossed the Equator 27 days out in spite of the accident.
Arrived at San Francisco after 120 days from New York. The time from Rio de Janeiro was 66 days, a time which has only been beaten once.
1852 October 20
Arrived at San Francisco from Whampoa in 43 days.
Sailed from San Francisco to Hong Kong in 44 days.
1853 February 12
Sailed from Whampoa to New York in 94½ days.
1853 August 9
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 123 days.
1853 December 31 — April 6
Sailed from San Francisco to New York in ballast and reached her destination after 96 days.
1854 May 26
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 100 days.
1854 September 21
Sailed from San Francisco to Hong Kong in 40 days.
1855 February 3
Sailed from Saugor, Calcutta, to London in 100 days.
1855 August 12
Sailed from London to Calcutta in 82 days 6 hours (between The Needles and the mouth of Hooghly).
1856 Jan 10 — May 13
Sailed from Calcutta to London in 124 days (to Gravesend).
1856 October 5
Arrived at Hong Kong from London in 103 days.
1857 January 20 — March 13
Sailed from Hong Kong to San Francisco in 51 days.
1857 June 16 — September 28
Sailed from San Francisco to New York in 104 days.
Laid up in New York.
1859 January 8 — May 30
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 142 days under command of Captain Sherman.
1860 early
Sold in Singapore for $ 30.000 and was registered as a British vessel. Her new name was Shaw-Allum of Singapore.
Appears in the registers for the last time.


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