A medium clipper ship built in 1856 by Donald McKay, East Boston, MA. Dimensions: 209'×41'10"×28'4" and tonnage 1698 tons, old measurements.
1856 March 22
Launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, for R.W Cameron & Co. [Agents], New York. [Cutler has 1856]
Sailed to Australia on her maiden voyage with Captain Beauchamp in command.
1862 January
Rescued the crew of the Waverley on voyage from Moulmein to Queenstown. ... were landed at Table Bay on February 4.
1862 May
Sold to Samuel G. Reed & Co., Boston, for $ 62.500.
1862 July 21
Sailed from New York for San Francisco with a cargo of coal for the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Under command of Captain Hopkins.
Put into Rio de Janeiro in a leaking condition 70 days out of New York after having met with heavy gales in the South Atlantic.
1862 November 6 - February 17
Sailed from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco in 103 days.
Sailed from San Francisco to Callao in 48 days to load guano for England.
1864 __ - November 20
Sailed from London to San Francisco in 189 days with a cargo of coal. Under command of Captain David Bursley. Durning the voyage the cargo shifted during a pampero off Rio de la Plata. The head was carried away, the bulwarks, galley and round house were stove in during the pampero which lasted for 16 hours.
1867 September __ - October 20
Sailed from Yokohama to Honolulu in 29 days.
1867 November 4 - November 20
Sailed from Honolulu to Baker's Island in 16 days.
1867 December 3
Wrecked on a reef at Baker's Island in a storm which lasted for 60 hours. The ship was insured for $ 56.000.


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