An extreme clipper ship built in 1853 by James M. Hood, at Somerset, MA. Dimensions 144'/146'×29'×16'6" and tonnage 548 tons/560,69 tons. Was reported to have had the sharpest ends of any clipper at the time.

1853 March 26
Launched at the shipyard of James M. Hood, at Somerset, MA, for W. H. Merrill and Capt. Martin Townsend, New York. Employed in the California/China trade. In command of Captain Martin Townsend.

The clipper ship Mischief, of 500 tons burthen, is now loading at New York for San Francisco. She is 146 feet long, 29 broad and 16-½ deep, with a dead rise of 24 inches. She is said to have the sharpest ends ever put on a ship and her builder, Mr. J.M. Wood, of Somerset, Mass, fully anticipates her passage to San Francisco will be under 90 days. She will sail on about the 23d April. Her future position will be in Ogden & Hayne’s "Celestial Line" of San Francisco and China packets.
Daily Alta California.

1853 June 17

The new clipper ship Mischief, for San Francisco, was anchored at Quarantine, New York, 20th May, waiting wind.
Daily Alta California, June 17, 1853.

1853 May 19/20 — August 15
Sailed from New York for San Francisco. Damaged off Cape Horn and had to put into Valparaiso in a leaking state on the 15th of August, 88 days out. Sailed on September 25 at the same time as the Pathfinder.
1853 Nov. 9
Arrived to San Francisco after 133 sailing days.

Yesterday afternoon, between four and five o'clock, our harbor presented rather an extraordinary, and certainly a most imposing spectacle — the entrance of no less than fourteen vessels: three clipper ships, six ships and barks, and fice brigs and schooners. As the anchor of one was let go and she swung gracefully around with the tide, another and another were seen rounding the inner point of the Heads, keeping up a continuous line from North Point to the Gloden Gate.

To add to the liveliness of the scene, the fleet of river steamers left their berths at the same time, steaming gallantly by the vessels which were just coming to anchor.

The three clippers were the Grey Hound, Bonita and Mischief, the first 139 days from Baltimore, the second 140 days from Boston and the last 172 days from New York, via Valparaiso, 42 days. They have all, as will be seen, had long passages, owing to the same causes which have delayed all the vessels arriving this season — light or adverse winds and calms.
Daily Alta California.

Sold for $22.000.
1854 Sept.
Sailed from Foochow for New York with a cargo of tea. In command of Captain Logan. Assisted the Dutch ship Archer ashore on Pulo Leat.
1854 Oct. 20
Anchored in the Anjer Roads.
1854 Oct. 22
Cleared Java Head.
1855 Jan. 7
Anchord in New York harbour, 115 days out from Foochow. Arrived at Sandy Hook, 75 days from Java Head. The best day's run during the voyage was 291 miles.
1855 March 1
Considered to small for the San Francisco trade and was sold to Meyer & Stucken, Bremen.
Sold to Rössing & Mummy, Bremen, and was renamed Felix. The German measurements were 43,89×8,84×5,03 meters Made two voyages to the Far East.
Sold to A.N. Hansen & Co., Copenhagen, Denmark, and was renamed Sleipner. The Danish measurements were 379 GRT and 356 NRT. Re-rigged as a barque.
Sold to Captain L. Schiønnemann, Dragør.
Wrecked at Klintmøller en route Grimsby - Copenhagen. The entire crew perished.


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