A medium clipper ship built in 1853 by Dunham & Co., Frankfort, ME, USA, with George Dunham as master builder. Dimensions 220x41'6"x22'5" and tonnage 1431 tons, old measurement and 1097 tons, British measurement.
1853 November
Launched at the shipyard of Dunham & Co., Frankfort, ME, for their own account.
1854 January
Sent to Boston to be sold to Summers & Swift.
1854 March 1
Sold to Thomas Richardson & Co., New York & Philadelphia, for $76.000. Captain Edward Dunn was given command of the vessel.
1855 March 27 - April 12
Sailed from Philadelphia to Liverpool in 16 days. Chartered to French Government to carry troops and stores to Crimea.
1855 September
Arrived to Toulon in tow of a French steam frigate after having been run down by a French steamer while at anchor off Seraglio Point, Constantinople. She had lost the bowsprit, cut-water, figurehead and also received other damage.
1855 December 10 - February 9
Sailed from Liverpool to Philadelphia in 61 days after a difficult passage during which she lost two suits of sails. Captain Foulke replaced Captain Dunn who had been taken ill. Employed as a Philadelphia - Liverpool packet ship until 1858.
1858 December 12 - April 7
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 115 days under command of Captain B.G. Green. The Cape Horn had been passed 59 days out.
1859 October 2 - February 7
Sailed from Shanghai to New York in 128 days or 87 days from Anjer. Spoke the Pampero on October 2 in the Straits of Gasper on voyage from Shanghai to New York. The latter arrived to New York nine days ahead of the Nonpareil.
1860 April 17 - August 24
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 129 days.
1860 October 7 - January 21
Sailed from San Francisco to Falmouth f.o. in 106 days.
1861 June 20 - October 22
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 124 days.
1861 December 29 - May 16
Sailed from San Francisco to Falmouth f.o. in 138 days.
1863 May 11
Sailed from New York for Shanghai. It has been reported that she then sailed from Shanghai to Liverpool in 84 days.
1865 May 26 - July 17
Sailed from Hong Kong to San Francisco in a light-wind passage of 52 days.
Sold to the Globe Navigation Co., Liverpool, together with the Sanspareil at the death of Thomas Richardson. Captain Edward Worrall Smith was given command of the ship.
1865 November 8 - February 16
Sailed from San Francisco to Falmouth f.o. in 100 days.
Sold to W.S. Lishman, Newcastle.
1871 June 27
Sailed from Bombay for New York under command of Captain Johnson.
1871 October 11
Foundered at sea with only three survivors out of a crew of 22 and three passengers. The survivors were picked up by the schooner Delmont and taken to Martinique.


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