Sunny South

An extreme clipper ship built in 1854 by George Steers, Williamsburg, NY. 154'×31'4"×16'6" 776 tons. [McGregor: 135'4"×30'4"×17'3"]

1854 October 7
Launched at the shipyard of George Steers, Williamsburg, NY, for Napier, Johnson & Co., New York. Captain Michael B. Gregory.
1854 November 21 - April 12
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 143 days after having put into Rio de Janeiro.
1856 March 1
Sailed from New York for ...
1858 April 14
Arrived in New York from Santos.
Sold to Havana for $18.000 and was renamed [Em]manuela.
1860 March 5
Cleared from Havana for Hong Kong unde Chilean flag.
1860 August 10
Captured by the British screw sloop-of-war HMS Brisk in the Mozambique Channel with more than 800 slaves aboard. Condemned as a prize and sold to the Royal Navy to be used as a cruiser. Eventually renamed Enchantress and used as a store ship on the African coast.
1861 February 20
Wrecked in the Mozambique Channel.


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