An extreme clipper ship built in 1852 by George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH. Her dimensions were 145'×31'9"×19' and tonnage 668 tons. The ship was named after an important business contact of the owners in China and the figurehead was a Chinese [?] dragon.
1852 October 2
Launched at the shipyard of George Raynes, Portsmouth, NH, for Olyphant & Co., New York. Captain Jacob D. Whitmore was given command of the ship.
1852 November 24 - March 19
Sailed from New York to San Francisco in 115 days. She sailed 2666 miles in the first 14 days and was within 153 miles of the Equator or in 2°33'N 13 days out.
Sailed from San Francisco to Whampoa in via Honolulu, the last leg took 33 days.
1853 August 15 - December 9
Sailed from Whampoa to New York in 116 days or 74 days from Anjer.
1854 February 9 - June 12
Sailed from Philadelphia to San Francisco in 122 days [Cutler has 123 days].
Sailed from San Francisco to Honolulu in 14 days.
Sailed from Honolulu to Shanghai in 31 days.
1854 September 14
Sailed from Shanghai for New York with a cargo of a value at $300.000.
1855 January 12
Wrecked on the outer shoal off Cape Hatteras. The ship was valued at $40.000 at the time of the loss.

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