Alice A. Leigh

A four-masted steel ship built in 1889 by Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co., Whitehaven. Dimensions 94,33×14,04×7,67 meters [309'6"×46'1"×25'2"] and tonnage 3003 GRT and 2929 NRT. Rigged in Jubliee fashion, i.e. with nothing over double top- and topgallant sails.

1889 August
Launched at the shipyard of Whitehaven Shipbuilding Co., Whitehaven, for J. Joyce, Liverpool. Captain J. Beleya.
Captain J.A. Rookes.
1898 September 11
Collided with Rickmer Rickmers in the Dover Starits while under tow to sea from Dunkerque. Put into Gravesend on September 12 and was repaired in London from where left for New York on September 25.
Captain A. Davidson.
Reduced to barque rig.
Sold to New York & Pacific Sailing Ship Co., Liverpool.
Sold to Geo. Scales, Wellington, NZ, and was renamed Rewa. Captain Robert Kennedy.
1921 [?]
Laid up at Wellington [?].
1930 June 27
Sunk as a wavebreaker at Moturekareka, Hauraki Golf.

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