A four-masted iron barque built in 1887 by A. Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, as yard number 302. Dimensions 86,91×12,31×7,31 meters [285'2"×40'5"×23'8"] and tonnage 2015 GRT and 1960 NRT. Rigged in jubilee fashion, i.e. with nothing over double top- and topgallant sails. Sistership to the same owner's four-masted barqueBracadale (1887).

1887 March
Launched at the shipyard of A. Stephen & Sons, Glasgow, for J. & A. Roxburgh, Glasgow. Captain W. Duncan was given command of the new ship.
Captain J.H. Stiven.
1909 March
Sold to A/S Audun (Jens Marcussen), Risør, Norway, and was renamed Audun. Her first Norwegian master was Captain O. Olsen.
Registered at Lungør.
Registered at Askerøen.
1916 July
Sold to Den Norske Amerikalinje, Kristiania.
1919 March
Sold to A/S Almora (A.H. Torbjørnsen), Tønsberg, but laid up at Tønsberg for three years.
Sold to Petersen & Ahlbeck, Copenhagen, to be broken up.

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