Baron of Renfrew

A four-masted barque built of wood in 1825 by Charles Wood, Anse du Fort, Quebec. Dimensions 92,65×18,59×10,36 meters [304'×61'×34'] and tonnage 5294 GRT.
Built of mostly square timbers with the intention of being taken apart at the arrival at the destination and sold for her timbers.

1825 June
Launched at the shipyard of Charles Wood, Anse du Fort, Isle of Orleans, Quebec, with 4000 tons of timber already onboard. A previous attempt had failed when the grease on the launching ways was consumed by fire caused by the friction.
1825 August
Sailed from Quebec for London under command of Captain Matthew Walker.
1825 October 27
Wrecked on the Goodwin Sands while with a pilot onboard and under tow by two tugs of which one was the James Watt.


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