A four-masted steel/iron ship built in 1882 by W.B. Thompson, Dundee, as yard no. 41. Dimensions: 88,81×13,12×7,11 meters [291'5×43'2×23'5] and tonnage: 2063 GRT, 1998 NRT and 3000 DWT.

1882 October 14
Launched at the shipyard of W.B. Thompson, Dundee, for Charles Barrie, Dundee, to be used in the Indian jute trade. Assigned the British Official No. 86368. Captain Thomas Naughten.
1883 February 23 - May 28
Sailed from Plymouth with 565 passengers to Adelaide in 93 days.
1884 - August 13
Sailed from San Francisco to Bristol in 127 days with a cargo of 2960 tons of grain.
1887 October 27
Collided with and sank the 95 ton schooner Swift in the English Channel on voyage from Calcutta to West Hartlepool with a cargo of grain.
Reduced to a barque.
Sold to Robert Mattson, Mariehamn, for FIM 150.000 [£ 6350].
1919 December
The ballast shifted during a storm en route West Hartlepool – Pensacola, and the masts had to be cut to save the ship. The wreck was later salvaged and brought to Stornoway where she arrived on December 23.
1920 July
Sold to Sociéta Anonima di Costruzioni e Impresa Navali, Genoa, for £ 7500.
Converted to a five-masted schooner with two aux. engines and re-named the Andora.
Broken up in Rotterdam.

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