Edward Sewall

A four-masted steel barque built in 1899 by Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME, at a cost of $145.000.
Dimensions: 101,19×13,78×7,74 meters [332'0"×45'3"×25'5"] and tonnage: 3206 GRT and 2916 NRT. Rigged with dubbel top- and topgallant sails and royal sails.

1899 October 3
Launched at the shipyard of Arthur Sewall & Co., Bath, ME. The first master was Captain Joseph Ellis Sewall.
1901 June - 1922
Captain Richard Quick.
1910 February 8
Caught fire 1400 miles from Honolulu on voyage Newport News to Honolulu with a cargo of coal.
1913 October 18 — 1914 August 5
Sailed from Philadelphia to Seattle in 293 days of which 67 days were required to round the Cape Horn. Said to have been the last west bound Cape Horn passage performed by an American square rigged ship.
1916 October 25
Sold to Texas Co., Port Arthur, TX.
Sold to the Alaska Packers' Association, San Francisco, CA, and was renamed Star of Shetland.
1936 September 19
Left San Francisco for Osaka where she was broken up.

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