A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 84,88×12,80×7,38 meters [278'6"×42'0"×24'3"] and tonnage: 2285 GRT and 2193 NRT.

Rigged with royal sails over double top and single topgallant sails.

1892 January
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for J. Edgar & Co., Liverpool. Captain D.R. Stevenson.
1914 June 5
Sold to C. Krabbenhöft & Bock, Hamburg, and was renamed Ernst. Was assigned the official German signal RVGH. The new German measurements were 81,92×12,82×7,46 meters and 2210 GRT. Captain J. Reinhold.
Seized in Sydney by the Australian Government as a prize of war and was renamed Canowie. Sailed under British flag.
1916 September 10
Sailed from Port Talbot for Mejillones, Chiloe Islands.
1916 October 9
Wrecked at Piritu Point, Chiloe Island, near Valparaiso.

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