A four-masted aux. steel barque built in 1931 by Krupp Germania Werft AG, Kiel. Dimensions: 96,31×15,38×7,51 meters [316'0"×49'_"×24'8"] and tonnage: 2323 GRT and 1187 NRT. Euipped with four Krupp diesel engines of 800 hp each and an electric transmission. Rigged with double top-sails, single topgallants, royals and a main skysail.

1931 April 25
Launched at the shipyard of Krupp Germania Werft, Kiel, for E.F. Hutton, New York. Assigned the American signal WCEG.
Renamed Sea Cloud.
Chartered to the US Goverment for $ 1 per year and used as a weather ship in the North Antlantic by the US Coast Guard.
Sold to R. Trujillo, Dom. Rep. and was renamed Angelita. [Another source says that she was bought by Gibbs Corp., Jacsonville, FL, in 1955.]
Renamed Patria.
Sold to Antarna Inc., Miami, FL, and was renamed Antarna. Used as a sail training ship. Later laid up in Panama.
Sold to Reederie Nord (Klaus E. Oldendorff) and was renamed Sea Cloud of Cayman. Registered in Malta.


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