A four-masted wooden ship built in 1801 by Thibault, Bordeaux. Her dimensions were 44,80×8,22 meters [147'×27'] and tonnage 486 44/94 GRT and c440 NRT. Rigged with royal sails.

1801 May
Launched at the shipyard of Thibault, Bordeaux, for his own use as a privateer. Originally armed with 24 six-pounder and two twelve-pounder guns and had a crew of 210 men.
1801 July 21
Taken by the HM ships Immortalité, Captain Hotham, in company with Aretusa, at 43°03' N, 11°42' W, off Cape Ortegal.
1801 May
Bought at auction by Carteret Priaulx & Co., Guernsey, and was re-rigged to a three-masted ship. The armament was reduced to 12 12-punders and four nine punders. Captain Peter Tardif was given command of the ship. It seems that she was issued with a Letter of Marque before she began sailing for her know owners, although she did not act as a privateer.
The crew consisted of the Master Peter Tardif, Guernsey, two mates, 21 seamen, five boys, and three idlers.
1802 [?] January 13 — February 15
Sailed from Falmouth to Napels.
1802 [?] April 7 — May 14
Sailed from Gibraltar to Virginia.
1802 [?] June 22 — July 31
Sailed from Norfolk, VA, to Leghorn.
1802 [?] September 12 — October 26
Sailed from Leghorn to New York.
1802 [?] November 29 — January 8
Sailed from Norfolk, VA, to Leghorn.
1803 [?] June 13 — July 3
Sailed from Guernsey to St. John's.
1805 January 6
Captured the Spanish vessel Polaire Aquilla on voyage from Cartagena to Barcelona.
1805 January 21
Issued with a Letter of Marque.
1805 April
1810 September
Wrecked at the entrance to Rio de la Plata.


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