Magdalene Vinnen

A four-masted steel aux. barque built in 1921 by the Krupp Germania Werft, Kiel. Dimensions 100,27×14,68×8,22 meters [329'0"×48'2"×26'8"] and tonnage 3476 GRT and 3017 NRT. Rigged with double topgallant sails and royals sails.

Launched at the shipyard of Krupp Germania Werft, Kiel, as Yard No. 372 for F.A. Vinnen & Co., Bremen.
Sold to Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, and renamed Kommodore Johnsen. Used as a cargo-carrying sail-training ship.
1945 May
Delivered to the Soviet-Union as part of the war damage reparations and was renamed Sedov after the Russian polar explorer Gregori Sedov (1877-1904). Used for sail-training.
1976 October
Reports to have been laid up at Kronstadt already for some time.
1981 August 5
A report states that she has been taken into active duty again.


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