Ocean King

A four-masted wooden ship built in 1874 by N.L. Thompson, Kennebunk, ME. Dimensions: 76,32×12,87×9,31 meters [250'5"×42'3"×30'7"] and tonnage 2386 NRT. Rigged with skysails.

1874 October
Launched at the shipyard of N.L. Thompson, Kennebunk, ME, for J. Henry Sears & Co., Boston, MA. Employed in the New York - San Francisco - Liverpool route.
In command of Captain William Freeman late of the same owner's ship Mogul.
1883 June - 1886 March
Laid up at San Francisco.
The ¾ share owned by J.H. Sears & Co. was sold to William P. Ellison at the failure of the Sears company.
1886 March
Captain Charles H. Sawyer late of the ship Charmer was given command of the Ocean King.
1887 April 27
Left Nanaimo for San Pedro.
1887 May 8
Sprung a leak in the North Pacific and had to be adandoned when the steam pump failed. The crew was taken off the sinking ship by the schooner Angel Dolly.

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