A four-masted fullrigged steel ship built in 1882 by John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions: 94,5×13,27×7,48 meters [310'6"×43'7"×24'7"], and tonnage: 2431 GRT, 2358 NRT and 2266 tons under deck.

1882 October 28
Launched at the shipyard of John Reid & Co., Port Galsgow, for Diamond "K" Co. (John Kerr & Co.), Greenock. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 81840 and signal WPNR. Captain Maxwell.
Reduced to barque rig.
Sailed from Liverpool to Calcutta in 101 days. The Glengarry which sailed from Liverpool in company with the Pinmore arrived to Calcutta 92 days out.
Sailed from San Francisco to Queenstown in 96 days.
Sold to John D. Clink, Greenock.
Captain Archibald MacDougall.
Sailed from San Fransisco to Queenstown in 114 days.
Sailed from Wales to San Fransisco in 110 days.
Sailed from Wales to San Fransisco in 114 days.
1895 August 2
Arrived to Queenstown, 96 days out from San Francisco.
1901 October 29
Left Santa Rosalia, Mexico, with 1000 tons of sand ballast for Portland, OR, under command of Captain Jamieson. Six days out a leak was discovered under the chain locker which was temporariely repaired. In a subsequent gale the ballast shifted which caused the Pinmore to get a 45° list to starboard. The ship was abandoned and after two nights in the boats, during which time ten men died, they managed to reach Quartermaster Harbour, Portland. The tug Tyee had found the Pinmore and brought her into Quartermaster Harbour where her crew found her resting at anchor. For the salvage, the crew of the Tyee was awarded $ 20.000 in salvage money.
Captain Maxwell was given command of the ship. Among the crew was Count Felix von Luckner.
Sold to A. Mackay & Co., Greenock.
Sold to R.D. Brailli & Co., Greenock.
1917 February 19
Captured by the German raider Seeadler off the coast of Argentina on voyage from Buenos Ayres to England with a cargo of saltpetre. The capturer Count Felix von Luckner sailed the Pinmore into Rio de la Plata to buy stores and then returned to the Seeadler which had been waiting off the coast. The Pinmore was subsequently sunk.


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