Prince Robert

A four-masted steel barque built in 1893 by T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool.
Dimensions: 93,87×13,71×7,43 meters [308'0"×45'0"×24'5"], tonnage: 2846 GRT and 2654 NRT.

1893 May
Launched at the shipyard of T. Royden & Sons, Liverpool, for Moran, Galaway & Co., Liverpool.
Sold to P.H. Røer, Christiania.
Sold to J. Andressen, Christiania [Oslo], Norway.
Sold to A. Andressen, Christiania.
1911 June 6
Sold to Knöhr & Burchard, Hamburg, and renamed Thielbek. Assigned the German signal RQTN. The new German measurements were 91,31×13,75×7,55 meters and 2831 GRT.
Captain A. Bergmann late first mate of H.H. Schmidt's four-masted barque Henriette.
Sailed from Astoria to Falmouth in 111 days.
Sailed from Astoria to Queenstown in 125 days.
Captain C. Ruppert late first mate of the same owner's steel ship Flottbek (1891).
Sailed from Hamburg to Santa Rosalia in 122 days.
1914 August
Interned at Santa Rosalia for the duration of the war.
Delivered as war damage compensation to ???.
1920 December 6
Sold to Robert Dollar & Co., San Francisco, and was renamed David Dollar.
Sunk as a "breakwater" at Alameda, CA, for the building of the new airport.

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