A four-masted steel barque built in 1897 by Laporte & Co., Rouen. Dimensions: 98,14×13,83×7,36 meters [322'0"×45'5"×24'2"] and tonnage 3272 GRT and 2518 NRT. Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.

1897 March 20
Launched at the shipyard of Laporte & Co., Rouen, for H. Prentout-Leblond & E. Boniface, Rouen. Captain Chotard.
Sailed from Philadelphia to France (Rouen or Dieppe) in 17 days.
Sold to H. Prentout-Leblond & E. Leroux, Rouen.
1903 November 25
Saved the crew of the American schooner Ira Bliss which was sinking 80 miles off Delaware.
Sailed from Philadelphia to France (Rouen or Dieppe) in 14 days.
Equipped with two aux. six-cylinder M.A.N. oil engines driving twin screws which could give her a speed of five knots. [Furrer has 1911].
Sold to Leroux & Heizey, Rouen.
1917 January 26
Was run into by the USS Sampson.
Laid up at Rouen.
Sold to A/S Sørlandske Lloyd (K.A. Thorbjørnsen), Olso, and was de-rigged and re-built as a whale-oil tanker with the new name Deodata.
1939 October 21
On voyage from Constantza to Grangemouth she struck a mine and sank 1½ mile off the Inner Dowsing lightship.

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