Ville de Havre

A four-masted steel barque built in 1899 by Forges et chantiers de la Meditérranée, Le Havre. Dimensions: 95,09×13,81×7,46 meters [312'0"×45'4"×24'6"] and tonnage: 3215 GRT and 2428 NRT.

Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.

Sistership to the same owner's fourmasted barque Ville de Mulhouse (1899).

1899 July 24
Launched at the shipyard of Forges et chantiers de la Meditérranée, Le Havre, for Compagnie des Voiliers Havrais (H. Genestal & fils), Le Havre. Captain A. Testulat.
1899 October 31
Sailed from Le Havre to Saigon with a cargo of briquettes, but had to turn back after ten days when some loose rivets were found in the hull.
Stranded during a tornado at Poro, New Caledonia, but could be re-floated and repaired.
Sailed from Batavia to Rotterdam in 90 days.
Stranded at Noumea, New Caledonia, but could also this time be re-floated with the help of the steamer St Antoine.
Sold to Société Générale Nouvelle d'Armement, Nantes.
1916 March 1
Left Ipswich for Buenos Ayres under command of Captain E. Ybert.
1916 March 8
Sunk by a German submarine U 32 off Ushant in position 48°48'N, 6°36'W.

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