Andrew Welch

An iron barque built in 1888 by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, as yard no. 192. Dimensions: 185'6"×36'1"×18'5" and tonnage: 885 GRT, 863 NRT and 789 tons under deck.
1888 September
Launched at the shipyard of Russell & Co., Port Glasgow, for C. Brewer & Co. (Welch & Co.), Honolulu, HI. Assigned the official British Reg. No. .... and signal ..... Employed mainly in the Pacific trade. Captain W.H. Marston.
Transferred to Welch & Co., San Francisco.
Sold to Matson Navigation Co., San Francisco.
1916 March 14
Sold to Rederi AB Quarta (Ivar Lignell), Gothenburg, and was renamed Olga. Assigned the official Swedish Reg. No. 5826 and signal JVRG. The new measurements were 885 GRT, 762 NRT and 1225 DWT. Captain Nils Magnus Hallberg, Kivik.
1918 January 5
Wrecked at Hellefjorden.
1918 Summer
The wreck was sold to Skibs A/S Motorskib Sophus Magdalon (Sophus Kahrs), Bergen, and was salvaged. The ship was rebuilt as a motorship at Haugesunds MV (yard no. 3) and equipped with a 500 HP Atlas Diesel. She was now renamed Sophus Magdalon. The new measurements were 934 GRT, 546 NRT and 1450 DWT.
1922 May
Sold to Det Bergenske D/S, Bergen, and was renamed Canis.
1922 November 28
Grounded and sank at Skjelanger Lighthouse but was later salvaged and repaired.
1948 May
Sold to Bjarne Tetlie, Trondheim, and was renamed Einvika.
1950 January
Sold to Ingv. Christianslund, Fredrikstad.
1950 May 11
Grounded at Gjermundsholmen, Stathelle, on voyage from Herøya with a cargo of saltpeter.
1950 November 15
Grounded and was wrecked at Raufarhafn, Iceland, on voyage from Siglufjord with a cargo of herring for Helsingfors.


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